2 X Super Bright H16 5202 2504 30w Projection LED Fog Light DRL 6000k White

Application: H16 30W LED Fog Light

NOTE: This is the 30W equivalent projection H16 bulb size LED to upgrade your standard halogen bulb. These LED lights are used for Fog Lights Only. Please don’t use them for Head Light. They are designed for Fog lights only. Please double check the bulb size of your car before purchasing. We suggest the use of Sylvania automotive lamp replacement guide online to ensure you purchase the right size bulb.

If your car has error check, you need to add load resistors to avoid the error message that pops up on your screen. You can purchase them separately in our store.

** If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity).

Interchange Part Number:

H16 2504 5200 5201 5202 9009 PSX24W


Color: White (around 6000k)
LED Type: 6x LED Chip
Actual Lumen: 700LM
Beam Angle: 360 degree with Projection lenses

Package Includes:
2 x H16 LED Light Bulb

GE Microwave Oven Roller Wheel / Turntable Support / Rotating Ring WB06X10001

JVM1851WF001, JVM1851WH01, JVM1851WH02, JVM1851WH03
JVM1851WH04, JVM1851WH05, JVM1860SD001, JVM1860SF001
JVM1860BF001, JVM1860BF02, JVM1860CF001, JVM1860CF02
JVM1860SF02, JVM1861SD001, JVM1861SD002, JVM1870SK05
JVM1860WF001, JVM1860WF02, JVM1861BF001, JVM1861BF02
JVM1861CF001, JVM1861CF02, JVM1870BF001, JVM1870BF02
JVM1861SF001, JVM1861SF02, JVM1861WF001, JVM1861WF02
JVM1870BF03, JVM1871SK03, JVM1871SK04, JVM1870CF02
JVM1870BF04, JVM1870BF05, JVM1870BF06, JVM1870BF07
JVM1870BF08, JVM1870CF001, JVM1870CF07, JVM1870CF08
JVM1870SK02, JVM1870SK03, JVM1870WF05, JVM1870WF06
JVM1870WF001, JVM1870WF02, JVM1870WF03, JVM1870WF04
JVM1870WF07, JVM1870SF001, JVM1870SK04, JVM3670CF07
JVM1871SH001, JVM1871SH02, JVM1871SH03, JVM1871SH04
JVM1871SK01, JVM1871SK02, JVM3660CF001, JVM3660SD001
JVM1871SK05, JVM3660BD001, JVM3660BF001, JVM3660CD001
JVM3660WF001, JVM3670BF07, JVM3670BF08, JVM3670CF06
JVM3670BF001, JVM3670BF02, JVM3670BF03, JVM3670BF04
JVM3670BF10, JVM3670CF001, JVM3670CF02, JVM3670CF03
JVM3670CF08, JVM3670CF10, JVM3670SF001, JVM3670SF02
JVM3670SF03, JVM3670SF04, JVM3670WF02, JVM3670WF03
JVM3670SK03, JVM3670SK04, JVM3670SK06, JVM3670WF001
JVM3670WF06, JVM3670WF07, JVM3670WF08, JVM3670WF10
PVM1870SM1SS, PVM1870SM3SS, DVM1850DMBB01, DVM1850SMSS01

The Friendly Swede Silicone Tea Infuser, Set of 4, Orange, Pink, Red and Green

The Friendly Swede® 4 Pack of Silicone Steel Tea Infusers

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4 x The Friendly Swede silicone tea infusers with drip trays

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